11th November 2013 - 'Tis the season to be pampered

Just a quick update to anounce we are OFFICIALLY launching our hot stones treatment, just in time for Winter. Hot stones is the perfect treatment if you are stressed, cold and feeling blue. We use hot stones to gently massage your body, while using crystal therapy to rebalance the mind.

I would also like to introduce Karen to the team. She has just finished her manicure course at the Scottish Beauty School and has been hard at work perfecting her skills. She is available for manicures and Shellac Thursday and Friday nights from 5.30pm.

Keep an eye out next month for another fab treatment launch, which will be perfect for the party season.

December is booking up fast, so give us a call if you have a particular date in mind for your December pampering.


25th September 2013 - Holidays 2013_ UPDATED

Salon Holidays

If you have a holiday planned please make sure you have your appointments booked in advance. This is a list of dates for when the salon will be closed. I will try and give as much notice as possible.


Saturday 19th October - Closed

Tuesday 29th October - Closed for training

Sunday 3rd November- Monday 11th November - Closed for holidays, reopen Tuesday 12th November

Wed 25th December - Friday 27th December - Closed

Open 28th December by appoinment only

Sunday 29th December - Tuesday 7th January Closed for holidays

25th September 2013 - Christmas appointments

We are nearly at the end of our first year, and what a year it has been. In that space of time we have introduced shrinking violet body wraps, microdermabrasion & Vinylux manicures. Samantha has been slowly building up her client base and is doing exceptionally well in the salon, and at college studying for her HNC in beauty therapy. She is available on Fridays to do manicures, Shellac, facials, massage, tinting and waxing.

I have already started taking appointments for December, so if you have a preffered date, please do get in touch to make your appointments, as we all know December is a manic month.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my clients for supporting me this year, it has been a pleasure to work with you,


24th April 2013 - Introducing: Shrinking Violet Body Wraps.

Introducing: Shrinking Violet Body Wraps.


What is it?

Shrinking Violet body wrap is a painless, effortless process that can succesully remove fat in problem areas such as upper arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The fat in the cells are broken down and easily exreted by the body.

How long does it take? When can I see results?

Shrinking Violet body wrap is a technique that is so powerful, that a 60 minute session can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your own build, but many people may reduce by one whole dress size after the first treatment. I personally lost 7 inches on the first treatment. Immediate reult can be ee. After 24 hours, you will see the maximum results. However it is ESSENTIAL that you follow pre and after care advice for best results.

What does it feel like? What does it involve?

During treatment your measurments are taken before and after the wrap. You are the wrapped in a fil called wrapture. Everywhere is covered including your legs, arms, buttocks & abdomen. You are then laid gently on a heated bed to relax for an hour.

Are there any side effects?

Slught increase in urination 1 to 2 days after treatment.

Will the results last?

Shrinking Violet is an excellent jumpstart to a new and slimmer you. For the fat to come back cells, new cells need to form, that would only happen if a person continued to eat excess calories. Combine Shrinking Violet with excercise and healthy eating for optimum results.

How often can I have the treatment?

Problem areas can be treated every 7 days. Alternatively Shrinking Violet can be used as a one off to make you look and feel fabulous before a big event.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends. Most people require maintenance treatments once or twice a year after the initial course is over. Just as an athlete continues to work out; once a desired fitness level has been achieved, you want to be sure that the fat which is removes stays away for good, and your body remains toned and firmed.

Shrinking Violet body wrap costs £55.00, or we are offering a course of buy 5 get your 6th free. For more information or to book call the salon on 01671 401555.





22nd February 2013 - Skinbase Microdermabrasion Launch

Skinbase Microdermabrasion Launch

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Skinbase Microdermabrasion to the salon. Available from the 26th March. Microdermbrasion is the gentle way to rejuvenate skin, it treats fine lines & wrinkles, acne & acne scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, strechmarks, blemishes, black heads and dull, tired complexions.

Check out the website : for more information or call the salon on 01671 401555 to take part in our 2 week trial for only 10.00.



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