The Beauty Boutique

For all your beauty needs, from brow shaping, to waxing, to lash extensions. All available in The Beauty Boutique Room, within Jo's.

Brow Treatments

Eyebrows define our face. A good brow shape can make you look younger & more groomed, making brow treatments a  beauty essential. Here at Jo's we can work together to get your ideal shape. Brow treatments are recommended every 4- 6 weeks for the best results.

Eyebrow shape (wax & tweeze) 15 mins £6.00
Eyebrow tint 15 mins £5.00
Highly Defined Brows 30 mins £12.00

The ultimate eyebrow shape, incorporating tinting, waxing, threading, trimming & tweezing.

Highly Defined Brows without tint 15 mins £12.00

Phd Waxing

The revolutionary, more hygienic way to be waxed. Phd waxing reduces the risk of cross contamination between clients compared to ordinary pot waxing. Individual disposbale heads are use for each client, and thrown away after one use. 


lip 10 mins £4.50
chin 10 mins £4.50
underarm 15 mins £6.50
standard bikini line 15 mins £7.00
G String bikini line 20 mins £8.50
forearms 20 mins £10.00
1/2 leg 20 mins £11.00
3/4 leg 25 mins £14.50
full leg 30 mins £17.50
chest 30 mins £18.00
back 40 mins £20.00
full body wax package 1 hour £26.00

Includes eyebrow shape, 1/2 leg, bikini line, underarm & lip or chin.

Lash Treatments

Everyone wants long & beautiful lashes. Here at Jo's we can emphasise, tint or lengthen your lashes, to make the most of what you have, using a few tricks of the trade of course. Please note all lash & tinting treatments require a patch test 24 hours before your first appointment.

Lash tint with soothing hand & arm massage 20 mins £8.50
Lash Lift & Tint 1 hour 10 mins £25.00

This treatment lifts your lashes from the root, while adding colour. Perfect if you are going on holiday or hate mascara. It gives you a wide awake doe-eyed look. It involves you lying comfortably on a treatment bed with your eyes closed for 60 minutes, while your lift & tint develops, your head, shoulders, hands & arms will be massaged. Bliss.

Party lashes 45 mins £16.00

Perfect for a night out, these lashes give you length & volume for that glamorous edge.

Natural set of semi pernament lash extensions 2 hours £40.00

Using lengths and thicknesses to suit your natural lashes, your lashes can be extended. These extensions feel weightless on your eyes and can be infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking amazing. They shed with your own natural lashes or can be removed with in the salon. So real looking, no one will ever know your secret.

Glam set of semi pernament lash extensions 2 hours 30 mins £50.00

Fancy a more glamorous look with your lashes? Then this glamour set is for you, where everyone of your natural lashes that is suitable will be extended.

2 week maintenance of sp lashes 1 hour £22.00
3 week maintenance of sp lashes 1 hour 10 mins £25.00

Please note, that lashes will only be classed as needing maintenance, provided you have looked after them & followed the aftercare given. Any maintenance required after 3 weeks will be charged as a full set.

Removal of party or sp lashes 15 mins £0.00

Removal is free for lashes applied at Jo's.

Make Up

Whatever the occasion, we can have you looking your best.

Make up application with mini facial 1 hour £20.00
Bridal make up & Trial 2 hours £50.00
Bridal make up on location 2 hours £0.00